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Eat your greens! Why spinach is so good for you

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Did you know March 26th is also known as National Spinach Day?
Popeye’s favourite strength-booster, spinach was once exotically known as the ‘Persian Vegetable’, due to its ancient origins in the country we now know as Iran.

These days, you can find this vibrant jade-green vegetable in all four corners of the world – and with so many health-boosting properties, we shouldn’t be surprised!

Packed with nutrients, spinach is also remarkably low in calories (there are just 23 calories in every 100 grams). You’ll get a substantial vitamin hit from just one humble portion of spinach too, including vitamins A, B, B6, E, C and K.

As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll benefit from a welcome boost of iron and potassium that promise to keep those energy levels nice and high.

(No wonder Popeye was such a fan!)

Better yet, spinach is incredibly versatile – not to mention utterly delicious – when it comes to cooking. Hugely popular in Indian cuisine, keep an eye out for the word saag as you’re scanning the menu. It means your dish will feature a healthy amount of spinach or other leafy greens such as kale.

Whether you decide to visit Hankies Marble Arch or our café in London’s Shaftesbury Avenue theatre district, you can expect a relaxed, casual atmosphere and a wide selection of Indian street food dishes to try – a great deal of them featuring saag.

Our chef, Anirudh Arora, is one of the best in the business, honing his culinary skills in some of the most acclaimed restaurants in both India and London. A keen researcher of India’s ancient culinary tradition, there’s a taste of rural India in every flavourful dish he creates.

Here are some of his favourite spinach-based dishes for you to try:

  • Saag Khumb: a vegetable feast consisting of spinach with fresh fenugreek and braised mushrooms.
  • Kale Aur Saag: an intriguing and nutritious mix of kale, spinach and lotus puff.
  • Tomato Roomali: spiced feta with sautéed spinach and home-made garlic herb oil.

(We specialise in roomali: a classic Indian roti that’s hand-spun, cooked on a hot roomali tawa, then folded into ‘hankies’!)

If you happen to be visiting our Marble Arch restaurant, why not schedule a pre-dinner drink at the Nirvana Bar? With our extensive drinks menu and stylish surroundings, it’s the perfect beginning to your evening.

(Note: if you’re trying one of our delicious spinach dishes, you can treat yourself to an extra cocktail, safe in the knowledge you’ll be getting a dose of healthy nutrition from your meal!)

Happy National Spinach Day! Come and view all our menus in full here.